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Having learned under the tutelage of some of the finest craftsmen in the timber frame industry in Canada, Back Country timber Homes, is proud to now offer this time-honoured method of exterior to our Saskatchewan clintele.

A variety of wood species are suitable for timber frame exterior and your choice of species will have an affect on the design of your frame, as well as the size of the timbers used and overall cost. The design of your home and the design of your frame should be done in concert. The floor plan plays an integral part in the timber bent system in your home. We are available to work with you, your designer and contractor to help create your foundation, timber frame and floor plans. Once the design process is complete, Back Country timber Homes will cut your frame at our facility. Each timber is carefully cut and each joint pre-fit before the components are shipped to your site for re-assembly (raising).

Please contact us for additional information about our handcrafted timber frame home packages and pricing.

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